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Politics in Balachaur

2017 Elections of Balachaur


Ch Nand Lal Balacahur – SAD-BJP candidate and present MLA

In 2012 Elections of Balachaur, Chaudhary Nand Lal of Shiromani Akali Dal defeated his nearest rival of BSP – Shiv Ram Singh with over 14000 votes. The 3rd and 4th rank were bagged by Rajwinder Singh Lucky of Congress(now in AAP) and Ch. Darshan Lal Mangupur of PPP(now Congress). Ram Kishan Kataria, ex-MLA contested as an independent candidate. The parties claimed their victories but the 3-time MLA and his experience could not be taken that lightly.

Current Scenario of Balachaur – 2017

This time, the contest seems to be 4-sided with the entry of Baljeet Singh Bharapur as the BSP candidate. Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP Alliance has fielded the four-time winner Chaudhary Nand Lal expecting for the fifth consecutive victory. Out of 3 main ticket claimants, Brigadier Raj Kumar was allotted the ticket for Balachaur by the Aam Aadmi Party. Major Jarnail Singh, his compatriot resigned from the party after being denied ticket and went on with the Sucha Singh Chotepur led faction APP along with his supporters and Parvesh Khosla. Major Jarnail Singh is the APP candidate from Balachaur.

Brig Raj Kumar – AAP candidate Balachaur

Congress in Balachaur

Ch Darshan Lal Mangupur – Congress candidate Balachaur

Out of the 7 claimants of the ticket, Chaudhary Darshan Lal Mangupur was allotted the ticket by the Congress Party. His compatriot and the Congress candidate of 2012 Rajwinder Singh Lucky resigned from the party after being denied the ticket and joined AAP recently. He is made the Vice President of Aam Aadmi Party Punjab.

Other political factors of Balachaur

Baljeet Singh Bharapur is the BSP candidate. It is for the first time that BSP allotted ticket to a JATT here in this constituency. This is the Gujjar-majority area. Every time since the formation of this constituency, a Gujjar have won except in 1992 when Hargopal Singh of BSP won this seat. At that time, Shiromani Akali Dal had boycotted the elections. Chaudhary Nand Lal(Independent) was the runner-up. The ex-MLA Hargopal Singh has left his hub BSP and is contesting as an independent candidate. Paramjeet Singh Rauri is the CPI(M) candidate for Balachaur


Baljeet Singh Bharapur – BSP Candidate Balachaur


Every party is claiming the victory this time, like every other time. But the public of Balacahur is the decisive factor who will poll on 4th February and their verdict would be declared on 10th March deciding the destiny of the candidates and the Balachaur itself.

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