5 FACTS you don’t know about Balachaur

5 FACTS we are sure you don’t know about Balachaur

1. The person credited with the idea of the formation of Pakistan was born in BALACHAUR. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali was credited with creating the name ‘Pakistan’ for a separate Muslim homeland in South Asia.

Lt General Bikram Singh

2. General Bikram Singh, considered as the bravest and the most efficient General hailed from a village, Siana near Balachaur. He is credited with defending the Ladakh and Chusul from the enemy.

3. The famous bollywood blockbuster BORDER featured Sunny Deol as Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri. Kuldip Singh Chandpuri hails from a village Chandpuri near Pojewal in Balachaur.

Kuldip Singh Chandpuri
Kuldip Singh Chandpuri

4. Balachaur is named after Baba Balraj whose father Sri Raja Raj Dev named it. Sher Shah Suri took the blessings of Raj Dev in 1539 and defeated Akbar’s father Humayun in the Battle of Chausa 1539.

5. The Female Gender Ratio of Balachaur is 935 against the 895 of the Punjab State. The literacy rate is also 80.91% against the state average of 75.81%.

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