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MR CITI and other district schools’ CBSE 12 board results

Toppers Balachaur

Students touching 90%

Toppers Balachaur CBSE

A total of 132 students appeared for the CBSE board exams of class 12th of MR CITI Sr. Sec. Public School Balachaur. The streams were those of Commerce, Non Medical and Medical.

24 students got more than 90% marks. It’s a sort of achievement which is commendable. The number of 24 is the best one in the whole district Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. Even it is larger than the aggregate of 90 percentages of all other CBSE schools in the district.

District toppers and MR Citians

Out of the top 5 ranks, 2 were bagged by the students of MR Citi.

Detailed results are :-

1. Mobeen Akhtar

School           – Kirpal Sagar Academy

Percentage  – 96.8%

Stream          – Inter Arts

2. Mehak Chaudhary

School          – MR Citi Sr. Sec. Public School Balachaur

Percentage  – 96.2%

Stream        – Medical

3. Navreet Kaur

School         – Kirpal Sagar Academy

Percentage – 95.8%

Stream       – Medical

4. Palak

School         – MR Citi Sr. Sec. Public School Balachaur

Percentage – 95.6%

Stream       – COMMERCE

5. Parampreet Kaur

School         – Shivalik

Percentage – 95.4%

Stream       – COMMERCE

The List of Toppers of MR CITI

MR Citi Toppers
  1. Mehak                      96.2%   Medical
  2. Palak                         95.6%   Commerce
  3. Diksha                      94%      Non-Medical
  4. Manpreet                 93%      Medical
  5. Indervir                   92.8%   Non-Medical
  6. Sukhmanpreet       92.6%   Medical
  7. Bhavya Jain            91.4%   Commerce
  8. Puneet Sharma      91.4%   Non-Medical
  9. Hardika Chhabra  90.6%  Commerce

    Achievements of Mr Citi

    Mr Citi and Toppers

    Its a great achievement not only for the school or Balachaur but for the whole district. The maximum students in the line of 90% are from Mr Citi Sr. Sec. Public School Balachaur . 100% pass result and 18% students crossing 90% is the milestone which will really insist each and every Balachaurian to feel proud of. The whole teaching staff, management, all the departments are praying for the bright future of these shining stars who are the future of this great Nation.

    Girls .. the only hope and scope ?

    Out of 20 toppers of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, 16 are the girls. WOW! 80% girls.. Despite the population of girls being considerably low as compared to the boys they have completely outshined the boys. And in Mr Citi too, out of the top 10 ranks there is only one boy. It means just 10%. All we need to do is popularise even more the ‘Beti Badhao, Beti Padhao’ Yojana started by our Honourable and popular PM Narendra Modi . Let’s bring a revolution in this field and contribute towards the development of our INDIA.

Well.. Hey Boys all we want to say is Study Smart..






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