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Share your pains and worries being anonymous. You can also admit your crimes secretly and feel relieved. In fact by confessing you can cease the mental and internal punishments which you are exposed to for committing some crimes knowingly or unknowingly.


Feel free to confess on any category, viz., Truth, Love, Social Media, Society, Education, School, College, Sports and so on. Feel free to have an individual or personal category created. Your information and details shall not be disclosed to the general public or even to us(admin) – according to the Google Standards.

Your experiences can be of great help to the people, especially the youth, to overcome their problems and agonies. Not only people but you can also help yourself come out of the psychological trap you are engulfed in.

Friends, in this century of technology we spend most of our time on internet and social media. Of course, we must have gone through a number of situations where we react negatively and in frustration. And it is not the story of an individual or two but almost everyone of us. Let’s connect mutually and be the gardeners of this beautiful garden which needs its plants and organisms to be nurtured regularly.

Balachaur and its people are not the deadline of this process. Share this page to the greatest extent among your friends and foes.

We may be different as per our land, blood and several other social, economic, political, etc., but internet is the thread which runs through all and thus helps in interconnection !


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