Army and Balachaur Facts

Facts you don’t know about General Bikram Singh of Balachaur!

Importance of Republic Day for Balachaur

Happy 68th Republic Day to Balachaur and the whole Nation.
Happy Republic Day – Balachaur

Today, we are celebrating are our 68th Republic Day. We are able to celebrate it only because of the hard efforts of our army men who are standing restlessly on the borders and are thus maintaining our freedom and integrity. Our town BALACHAUR is though small according to the geography, but the citizens and army men belonging to Balachaur have made great contributions. Today on this great occasion of Republic Day, we would like to enlighten you up with some details about Lieutenant General Bikram Singh (Siana) Ji.

About Lt. General Bikram Singh

The image of General Bikram Singh Siana scanned from the newspaper cuttings.
Lt. General Bikram Singh Siana Ji

Lieutenant General Bikram Singh G O C, XV Corps, is considered as the bravest and the most efficient General of the Indian Army. He is held in the highest esteem for his contributions in defending Ladakh and Chusul of Jammu & Kashmir from the enemies of our Motherland.

Tragic death of the Brave soldiers

The modern and updated version of the Alouette Helicopter.
Modern day Alouette Helicopter

This brave soldier died in a tragic helicopter crash when an Alouette helicopter, called Hal Cheetah crashed near Poonch city. This incident took place on 22nd November 1963. Along with him were Air Vice-Marshall E W Pinto, Lt. Gen. Daulat Singh, Major General K N D Nanavati, Brigadier S R Oberoi, and pilot Flight Lt. Sodhi who also lost their lives.

Memories of Bikram Singh Ji

The image of the statue of General Bikram Singh Siana of Balachaur in Jammu at Bikram Chowk.
Bikram Chowk – Jammu City

In the memory of this Great General, the biggest chowk in Jammu city has been dedicated to him and is known as ‘Bikram Chowk’. His statue is also erected in the middle of this chowk. Every year, the Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is performed on this chowk on Martyr’s Day. The nearby Sikh locality has also built a Gurudwara Sahib Ji in his memory. General Bikram Singh Yadgar Committee organises a grand function every year on 22nd November since 1964.

Furthersome, the then Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru visited his village and Balachaur to pay tributes to him after his death.

Bikram Singh’s show of Unparallel Love for the Nation

His love for India was really unparalleled. He never tolerated the enemy to occupy even a single inch of Indian land. In 1962 War with China, Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh played a crucial role in saving Indian territories.


The image of lt. General Bikram Singh Siana Ji of Balachaur.
General Bikram Singh Siana of Balachaur

The site where the helicopter crashed in the Poonch city, a Shahid Smarak is built on the bank of River Drungli. Today it has become the main tourist attraction for visitors.

After his death, his native village of Siana near Balachaur was renamed as, Siana Bikram Singh.

He was so loved by the people of Jammu & Kashmir that the body of the martyr was also cremated in Jammu.

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