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Investiture Ceremony of MR Citi Balachaur

Press Release of

The Investiture Ceremony was to happen on 24th July 2017 but rain!! Resonant prayers asking the rain to go away and come again another day were made by MrCitians. And yes!!  The Almighty blessed!

26th was clear and so the preparations for the ceremony were started to be made early on the morning itself.

Mr Citi Balachaur.


The whole school gathered in the ground. The MrCitians had come to witness their newly-elected leaders being invested upon the responsibilities.

The programme started with the Saraswati Vandana. The Principal Mrs Ritu Batra Mam, all the Coordinators and the heads of various departments were called. Followed by it was the debate of the junior girls of 6th on the topic ‘Videogames and whether they should be included in our everyday life’.

And then the function began which was awaited for. Ms Priya Mam hosted the stage. All the dignitaries which included the Principal Mrs Ritu Batra Mam, Mrs Vijay Sohal Mam, Mr Suresh, the Coordinators Mrs Poonam Thakur, Mrs Soamini Roy and Mr CL Gautam, Mrs Rani Sharma, Mrs Kiran Dutta, Mrs Gurjeet, Mr Narinder, Mrs Neelam, Mr Sunil, Mr Kewal. The Sports teachers had an active role. Mr Raman Rana, Mr Pardeep Singh, Mr Rohit Chaudhary and Ms Sonia were all pervasive throughout the event.

Press Release of Jag Bani

The Band was dressed greatly and the master Mr Abdul Raman directed it well. Mr Sukhvir Sukhi Sir and the magic of his music could be seen pervasive all over tge ceremony.

At first, the members of the Junior Cabinet marched up to the stage where they were given Sachets.

Junior Head Boy – Aniket Singh

Junior Head Girl – Sharmanpreet Just

Deputy Junior Head Boy – Jashanpreet Singh

Deputy Junior Head Girl – Aastha Chaudhary

Junior Sports Head Boy – Parvir Singh

Junior Sports Head Girl – Vimaljeet Kaur

Then came the moment which was awaited the most for. It was the turn of the Senior Cabinet.

Senior Head Boy – Lovepreet Singh

Senior Head Girl – Janvi Sandhu

Sports Head Boy – Sahil Chaudhary

Sports Head Girl – Navjot Kaur 

Vice Head Boy – Prayag Bhumbla

Vice Head Girl – Vanika Bhatia

Cultural Head Boy – Madhur Sharma

Cultural Head Girl – Anamika Gora

Vice Sports Head Boy – Parminder Singh

Vice Sports Head Girl – Anmol Dewal


The House Captains and Vice-Captains of all the respective houses were also given Sachets.

Oath and Speeches

Mr Pardeep Singh then made the Cabinet take the oath of discharging their duties in the best possible way. Lovepreet Singh and Janvi were called to the front to lead the Cabinet. Then it was the turn for the addresses of the leaders. Aniket and Sharmanpreet gave their speeches.

Lovepreet’s speech

Press Release of Dainik Bhaskar

Then came Lovepreet Singh, welcomed warmly by the MrCitians. In his address, he considered his 1 year 3 months and 8 days spent in MR Citi as the best moment of his life. His regular interaction in Hindi to reach up to the hearts of the juniors was met with regular applauds. He told how he yearned to be the Head Boy right from his childhood when he didn’t even know what a Head Boy does. He also told how his dream was fulfilled in Mount Carmel School Balachaur when he got elected to the top post of the Cabinet when he was in 9th class. He disclosed his dream of making Mr Citi the best.

Janvi followed him. She told how Mr Citi gave her an identity of a Head Girl when a girl of her age can be no more than a daughter, sister or a friend. She was determined to work in the best possible way for the success and glory of Mr Citi.

Parade; The Walk of Pride

The drum beat got regular. It was now the turn of Walk of Pride. Lovepreet Singh led the school parade followed by his Cabinet which included bearers of different departments and the houses and the school band. The Mr Citian Flag was cheering in the hands of the new Head Boy. The air seemed to play! After a fiery command by Lovepreet, the drilling began. Left Right Left .. Left Right Left.. The claps of the students were resonant with the beats of the drums and the feet of the parade.

Press Release of Dainik Jagran

The parade reached the point where they were supposed to end. After the parade’s termination, National Anthem was sung in the loudest and the most enthusiastic tones ever.

The students then moved to their respective classes. All the members of the cabinet then had pictures which were to be published in the local press.



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