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Why Us


Responsive Ads

The ads which we provide to you are responsive. The banners are professionally designed the way it is done by Google Adsense. The ads will be a gateway to your professional page which will be provided to you free of cost.
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Huge and Unique Traffic


MyBalachaur being the only professional website of Balachaur has got a huge audience. Till now we have got an aggregate of more than 30,000 views. At an average, 35-40 unique visitors visit our website in a day. In addition, there are more than 500 views at an average on the posts on daily basis.

Proof – Above 5400 views on a post shared on Facebook without any boost.


800+ visitors from Balachaur

Cost Effective

The normal market rate going on is much higher. There are websites which charge you more than ₹ 7000 per month. But the price which you pay us is much lower and is in fact a lottery as you get professional ad banners and receive our highl

Over 2300 views on a post without any boost or paid views.

y professional services with much less price.

Free Facebook Marketing and Promotion


1400+ Viewers on our post on website in just 3 days(As the post was published on 1st August).

Facebook is the most popular social media tool which can really help your business grow to new heights. But it is when you decide to use Facebook optimally. We shall fetch you more likes and engagement on your Facebook Page, share it through our different tools and make it reach the 30,000 people of Balachaur. Our photo posts and videos shall have a layer of your business.

FaceBook reach for a post.(2300+ in a day) – See yesterday in the photo


An impressive LOGO is what every popular and successful business has. Our sponsors who already have built Professional Logos for them are already at top. But if any of our sponsors do not have it or want to change it then don’t just worry.. My Balachaur will provide you 5 alternative choices out of which you can select your favorite one.

Targeted Audience

Target, Reach, Views, Engagement.. everything is A+

Suppose you’re a brand specialising in Branded and fashionable wears. Of course, you would target on the modern, young, and fashion-savy consumers. You would never target the foodies or so. But Facebook is a place where every type of people are available. And My Balachaur will provide you a medium of interacting with the audience which you want to target and which can fetch you considerable economic benefits.

Choosing the best time of the day when the audience are active helps us reach more. This will help us make your business grow.

No More Weight

Our website, according to Google is rated at 93% in terms of speed and other similar related aspects.

Free Website after 6 months

After being our sponsors for 6 months, you will be provided a free website for your business or organisation. Professionally built, righly promoted and popularised website and, that too, free in terms of administrating and managing from our professionals is like a dream come true.

Fully Optimized and SEO

  • We can know about the location of our audience. This helps us target a particular group for desired results.

We provide you with the professional pages which are fully Optimized to compete with the related and similar data all over the Google. Be assured of being number 1 and at TOP all the times. The SEO services which we provide you free of cost are the ones which are the most costly internet elements ever.

24×7 Support

We support you for 24 hours a day and that too 7 days a week. Any sort of help and support required from our side shall be duly provided.

Why to trust us ??

Of course, what is the most important part of a venture, partnership or a relationship is TRUST.. We are not asking you to simply trust us. We will give you a reason.

Working with over 55 websites over the globe.

Have worked with Hacknovation.

Have worked with FeedDose.com

Partners with APKDESK.COM (Alexa Rank India – 124k )

Have worked with Scribbify.

Contact us

Email – mybalachaur@gmail.com

Facebook – Facebook.com/MyBalachaur

Mobile – 7009105543

Our Present Sponsors who will be seen at top very soon in Digital Balachaur

Jashan Karyana Store, opposite to Mandi Gate, Bhaddi Road Balachaur

Channi Digital Studio, Garhi Kanugo

Hate ADS?

Do you hate ADS. ? We hate it too That’s why we don’t post ads. .